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I really need to remember & trust him more! It is so hard when things do not seem to change

Such a good reminder whose to say we will live for another minute... I guess I need to remember to repent continously the fear of hell is enough to make my blood run cold

It's always such an amazing feeling being in the city of Madinah, the people and the sense of peace make it so surreal. Heading to Makkah in a couple days to perform umrah, and I'm making du'a for all of you! - Boona Mohammed fb

Oh Allah, when I lose my hopes and plans, help me remember that Your love for me is greater than my disappointments, and Your plans for me are better than my dreams. Hazrat (Ali RA)

Qur'an Al-Jathiyah (The Crouching) 45:23: Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his ilah (god), and Allah knowing (him as such), left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and put a cover on his sight. Who then will guide him after Allah? Will you not then remember?

Did you think to pray? ~ very good advice & reminder; alhumdulillah for Allah's blessing us with this direct 'line' to Him <3<3<3<3<3