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"One of the greatest challenges of the human state of consciousness is that we often find ourselves looking outward at life and reacting to others. This is where blame originates. What we experience in the outer world is a reflection of our inner states. When our hearts are filled with love, we see love all around us."


Wir zeigen unsere Heimatliebe

"'Augustus,' I said. 'Really. You don't have to do this.' 'Sure I do,' he said. 'I found my wish.' 'God, you're the best,' I told him. 'I bet you say that to all the boys who finance your international travel,' he answered. (5.90) Augustus is willing to give up the one wish he has for Hazel which shows how he feels about her.

One Hundred Names bu Cecelia Ahern. You cant beat a good chick lit book when you are on holiday!

Interesting New Features of Excel 2013 : Excel Tutorial MICROSOFT EXCEL actually this is a tool which I use in a day as much time as i drink water! And I know very well this is not only mine story but story of many professionals and Excel Users who just love to use Excel for their day to day work and for data analysis! In every updated version of MS Excel Microsoft has tried to make it more and more user friendly and compatible. Like in the latest version it seems like it readsusers mind…

from Mary Angela

35 Things To Do In Your Blank Notebook

Are you one of those people who fall in love with notebooks, buy them and then have no idea what to write in it? Join the club. Opening a blank notebook to write in, can be terribly exciting. And after a couple of minutes, increasingly frustrating as you don’t know what to write in it. Many people love Moleskine notebooks. They are not only comfortable to write in, but are also portable and have a little pouch to put in all your little bits of paper you don’t want getting lost. If you can’t…