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HOW TO CONDUCT A COMPLETE COMMUNICATION ASSESSMENT Led by: Julie Baron, Principal of COMMUNICATION WORKS Susan D'Alexander, ABC, Motorola Global Communications Alex Vass, Communications Advisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sean Williams, Principal, Communication AMMO, Inc.

Quick and the dead / Susan Moody. Art historian Dr. Helen Drummond is missing and later found dead. Alex Quick ,her business partner, in searching for answers finds another brutally murdered body in Helen's bed.. Where to begin.... Barbara

Veterinary Neurologists have recently published the first systematic review on the efficacy of antiepileptic drugs (AED) in the field of canine epilepsy. The systematic review was performed with the simple aim to provide veterinarians and people in general with a new and more objective insight on the efficacy of the AEDs used for the management of canine IE. See the link below: