Pigeon love

The kissing pigeons - Pixdaus


The Most Incredible Kisses

Love is in the air, even for pigeons! Chipp'd for Love can help you seal that love connection, just ask Percy!

pigeon kiss-stop slowly poisoning them in glendive, mt!

21 Reasons You Should Appreciate Pigeons

rock doves (photo by ingrid taylor)



Pigeons mate

Pigeons mate

Pigeons courting (photo by Aomorikuma via Wikimedia Commons)

Jazzy, bluesy, romantic song in French nicely performed by Émilie-Claire Barlow.

Aww...isn't it romantic?

This photo from the TrekNature travel gallery is titled 'pigeon kiss Photo'.

City Pigeon by Saber1705 on DeviantArt

City Pigeon by on DeviantArt

Owls giving kisses on the cheek. There are butterfly kisses. and eskimo kisses. are there OWL kisses.) My sweet Mom loved owls, so I do too.

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500px / Search

Chinese magnate pays world record $328k for pigeon at ...

That's a pricey pigeon! Chinese magnate pays world record $328,000 for bird at international auction

City announces plans to get rid of pesky pigeons by getting them drunk A Ukrainian city blighted by pesky pigeons is mulling over radical plans to get the birds drunk on wine before deporting them.

Oh how sweet! And knowing that mourning doves mate for life makes this even more touching

These adorable photos capture the unexpected encounters between photographers and their subjects. Some animals seem to want to help out; others get behind the camera themselves.

21+ Animals That Want To Be Photographers

Pets are Awesome

One of these days. Me, a camera, in nature w creatures. My dream job!!!♡♡♡

7+ Cute Animals Behind Wildlife Photography Scenes.

I love seeing photographers hard work paying off

Animals That Want to Be Photographers

【仲良し 好朋友 Good friend】 Animals That Want to Be Photographers