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Necklace with pendant Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, 1980–1630 B.C.

MET EGYPTIAN AMULET NECKLACE, NEW KINGDOM, DYNASTY 18, REIGN OF AMENHOTEP III C. 1390-1353 BC Found in Amenhotep III’s ancient palace complex at Malkata in Thebes during the excavations of 1910-11. Made of Faience and glazed steatite. Amenhotep III’s reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendor, when Egypt reached the peak of its artistic and international power. When he died in the 38th or 39th year of his reign, his son initially ruled as Amenhotep IV,

Bracelet of Princess Khnumit, gold and semiprecious stones, from Dahshur, Egypt, Egyptian civilization, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty XII

More on 8,000 year old ‘goddess figurine’ found in central Turkey. This 8,000-year-old figurine is notable for its craftsmanship. Such detail is only possible with thin tools, like flint or obsidian, in the hands of a practiced artisan [Credit: Çatalhöyük Research Project] Conventionally associated with fertility goddesses, this figurine is also thought to represent an elderly woman who had risen to prominence in Çatalhöyük’s famously egalitarian society.

Ancient Egypt, Late Period, 664-535 BC. Beautiful necklace composed of colorful faience disk beads with a gorgeous steatite scarab pendant. Scarab from the New Kingdom (1570-1070 BC)


by Ancient Resource (Gabriel Vandervort) | Necklace; Ancient Egypt, Late Period, 664-535 BC. blue, red, black and green faience disc and tube beads. Strung with a large and highly-detailed torso of an ushabti. | 575$ ~ Sold, alternate available

The Grinner Fishing Knot Tutorial for Jewelry Clasp Ends - The Beading Gem's Journal via @beadinggem

Broad collar necklace from the tomb of Senebtisi Dynasty 12, late–early 13 ca. 1850–1775 B.C. Accession Number: 08.200.43