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Fingolfin Leads the Host Across the Helcaraxë by Ted Nasmith

The Lord of the Rings - Ted Nasmith Art - The Silmarillion - 'Crossing the Helcaraxe'

ted nasmith_the silmarillion_2_quenta silmarillion_23_of tuor and the fall of gondolin1_tuor at vinyamar.jpg (1061×1600)

Tuor Is Led By The Swans To Vinyamar - Ted Nasmith. While it's not a *huge* location, Vinyamar is probably my favorite place in Middle-earth

Maglor Casts a Silmaril into the Sea by Ted Nasmith from The Silmarillion - I remember this was the cover of my big sister's Silmarillion book.

The Lord of the Rings - Ted Nasmith Art - The Silmarillion - 'Maglor Hurls the Silmaril' One in the sky, on in the depths, and one in the heart of the Earth

The First Dawn of the Sun - Ted Nasmith

But soon the Sun was drawn down by the servants of Ulmo, and went then in haste under the Earth, and so came unseen to the east and there mounted the heaven again, lest night be over-long and evil.


Tol Brandir by Ted Nasmith (Limited Edition giclee print of 100 copies, signed and numbered) - Tolkien Library