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From ThAutcast: "When we learn, our brains physically change: we form new connections that anchor new information to what we already know. I believe that the biggest difference between autistic people and others is in how our brains make these connections. This is why I think that we can make the biggest difference in the lives of autistic people by doing a better job of helping us learn."

"Autistic people are everything that other people are (and also autistic)" Well, except for neurotypical ;)

The Autistic Brain: the greatest untapped resource on Earth #autism

"The most important thing to teach autistic people is to love themselves." (autism)

Book: 'Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking', by Julia Bascom - $25

Autistic problem: When people tell you that you would be able to do the things you can’t do if you “really tried.” #autism

"No, really. I'm not kidding. I don't understand." From ThAutcast: "I don't misunderstand to annoy people. It's humiliating not to understand things that are obvious to children. ... Try to learn my language, and I will keep trying to learn yours."

"Autism never speaks unless autistic people are talking." The multiple controversies surrounding the Autism Speaks foundation are serious to many people with autism. Do what you can to learn why.

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