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Grammar schools are not the answer: the road to a better life starts at birth, not at 11 -- Gaby Hinsliff | Those who claim to support social mobility should instead be demanding more early-years help for children in poorer families

Educated Women re-invest 90% of their income in their families. Men invest 30-40%. But still, 1 in 4 women around the world cannot read this post.

Effects of Poverty in the classroom--excellent article including tips for teachers/parents on how to help

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Despite Supersized Hunger Pangs, Supersized Waste Still A Problem

Food Waste and Hunger...we're working towards food security for families worldwide.

A large majority of people in poverty were born into impoverished families, and the fight to change that is an uphill battle. The amount of opportunities given to those without money is far less than those with money, which leads to not having the skills needed, or the opportunity to get a better job, or start their own business.

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Books That Facilitate Empathy: Poverty

help kids build empathy! List of children's books about poverty.

Poverty begins in childhood when babies are born to poor, malnourished mothers. Because they are born into families that are poor, these children enter into a cycle of poverty that can be difficult to break. But, there is hope. Plan gives children, families and communities the tools they need – like education, healthcare, and access to water and sanitation – to break this cycle and build solutions for improving their own lives.

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Education Transforms Lives

Education reduces poverty! How did education transform your life? Click through to learn about IKEA's Soft Toys for Education program - where even buying a $1 soft toy results in a $1 donation to Save the Children and UNICEF!

Why parents are getting angrier: ‘Children are bored out of their skulls with real life’ | Life and style | The Guardian