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QR codes on moving vehicles?! Almost as good as QR codes on motorway billboards

Look out for the Little Prince’s QR code!

The same people who would actually scan a QR code on the back of a bag of kale are the same people who would legitimately enjoy becoming Facebook friends with kale - WTF QR Codes

Need more real estate listings but don't want to cold call? Here are some bullet proof ideas to get more listings this quarter without picking up the phone!

Using QR codes on rooftops as extra advertising space on Google Maps or Google Earth

Really?! Has this designer / marketer ever scanned a QR code?!

Are you struggling in real estate? These are the things you need to focus on to have a healthy real estate business. I break down a core business model

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Giant QR Code on Roof of New Facebook Headquarters

Facebook geeks out and paints 42' QR Code on its roof. Yes, you can see if from space.