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you mean my holiday prison shank?

I have to disagree here. The more likely reason she doesn't have media coverage is because she hasn't made any big contribution yet, she just has a high IQ.

Olivia Manning accepted to Mensa with IQ higher than Albert Einstein or/and Stephen Hawking

The last one is pure gold. Just imagine the guy, sarcastically saying that, and then seeing that shit and being like "Oh my God. I'm gonna make millions out of this!"

The Jeff one is hilarious. The dik-dik is real, but it isn't pronounces xylophone. Lol it's funny though.

Haha parents and phones

26 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Text. reasons why parents should definitely text

louder for the people in the back!

If hormones are to blame for making young men rape women, then is it ok to go on a killing spree the week before my period? I mean, I'm not to blame, right?

I'm PeggySue part 75 - Imgur

I'm PeggySue part 75

"My favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials." This response to catcalling. I literally fell on the ground laughing when I read this


We should totally just stab Caesar. I love mean girls references lol

12122955_1524213697896952_3103844752206080608_n.png (640×372)

"I've always wondered what women do during their periods in certain stories." <---- Also, can we talk about how no one ever has to use the bathroom in books or movies? They only go to the bathroom once one the flipping thing

LOL meme funny Walking Dead zombies

Tragically beautiful…

This is too funny. 'tragically beautiful' "someone dying during an MRI" LOL. It is a scene from the walking dead, someone is becoming a zombie!