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Explore Velvet Rage, The Velvet and more! The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World, Second Edition (9780738215679): Alan Downs: Books

"In March 2007, twenty-four hours after Mary Weiland dragged her husband Scott's pricey rock-star wardrobe onto their driveway and torched it, she was locked up in a mental hospital. Watching all this were her frightened extended family, a conflicted husband wrestling with demons of his own, and a tabloid industry gone gleeful at the "Bonfire in Toluca Lake!" To the outside world, Weiland had led what seemed to be an enviable life. A successful international model in the nineties, she…

Elegant Vintage Silk Velvet Dress / Devore Burnout Velvet / Crochet Lace Applique / Peach / Cream / Apricot / OOAK / Approx Size 8-10

How to Make Puffy Quilts

How to Make Puffy Quilts ~ Puff, or biscuit quilts, were generally done in satin or velvet around 150 years ago. The use of biscuit quilts died down over the years until a quilt collector and historian, Jonathan Holstein, renewed an interest in the quilts in the 1970s. Puff quilts, coined puffy or pillow quilts, became the rage when families were reusing fabric in the 1970s and patchwork styles were desirable. Women would use nylon stockings to stuff the biscuit squares instead of fiberfill.

A chocolate-glazed doughnut and cup of coffee is a match made in heaven for many North Americans, but wait! Something new is happening in the doughnut world: boutique bakeries are popping up everywhere, and "designer doughnuts" are all the rage. The best news of all is that they're actually easy to make at home. And really, is there anything more scrumptious than a fresh doughnut? In Doughnuts, prepare to be tempted by more than fifty recipes, including Chai, Huckleberry Cheesecake, and Red…