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is Radio, rediscovered - slytherin () by quibbIer in Lisbon

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

Here's What The Young Supporting Cast Of "Harry Potter" Are Up To Now Magnitude. The name they were looking for was Magnitude (not Pop Pop)

Slytherin Psychology [Submitted by paperribcage]

I have them fooled ;) I actually am always in slytherin and many many people have told me this. <--- Don't underestimate the sweet ones.

''And these are your only two options?'' Peggy Carter is a BAMF, and I love Marvel for making sure that was very, very clear.

Peggy Carter is an inspiration. What's great is Hayley Atwell = Peggy Carter like RDJ = Tony Stark or Chris Evans = Steve Rogers. Hayley Atwell is an inspiration.

Griffendor is my favorite (even I'm a hufflepuff wait no a PROUD hufflepuff)

there lived four wizards of renown, whose names are still well-known images: gryffindor // ravenclaw // hufflepuff // slytherin