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To be Normal is to be Bored to tears 24/7- NOT THIS SISTER ;)

I tried being normal once. It was the worst five minutes of my life. ~ Who wants to be normal anyway?


Funny pictures about Reminder about your girlfriends. Oh, and cool pics about Reminder about your girlfriends. Also, Reminder about your girlfriends.

Few things in life feel better than taking your bra off at the end of a long day. So true!ain't that the truth!

Two things I know for certain in my life: I have big boobs. My taste in music is wonderful.

This is me! Lol..... only because public bathrooms are such an infection control issue!

Public toilet = flush with foot. I always use my foot to flush ALWAyS in public bathrooms

Shoe truth!

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life ! Shoes are Simply Fabulous

Happens to me sometimes haha

actually, I think it means you're an introvert. I LOVE cancelled plans.

yep! lol APRILLUVS

I don`t want to brag or make anybody jealous, but.I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.


That is if he will take the trash out at all! My husband does a ton of other things, but trash isn't one of them! I have learned to pick my battles!

From Exceptional Living

Unfortunately the house usually looks better than me. (just not enough time & my husband is more concerned with the house looking good)

Bitches runnin wild man

There is daily verbal relief therapy on the job.uuughhhhh by candy

Pinterest: Thank you for making me want to workout like a complete psycho and eat desserts all night... simultaneously. jessjarndt

The PMS Workout: 4 Moves to Ease Cramps

so true.I usually pin a workout and then a dessert right after.

Now this is exactly how Future Progression feels like. Half dreaming and half awake.

Story of my life! Autopilot driving isn't safe -- oh well!