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[VIDEO] Fly through the Universe

[VIDEO] Fly through the Universe | Space Harmonic -

"Celestial harmonic motion" was captured for the first time by NASA's Juno mission. As the probe approached Jupiter, it snapped imagery of the four Galilean moons, providing the first-ever complete view of cosmic bodies orbiting another.

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Planets in the Fourth Dimension

You probably that planets go around the sun in elliptical orbits. But do you know why? In fact, they're moving in circles in 4 dimensions. But when these circles are projected down to 3-dimensional...

Smooth. Bulk metallic glass gears don't get brittle in extreme cold. That makes the material perfect for robotics operated in space or on icy planets. Here we see an example of a strain wave gear, also known as a harmonic drive. As the gear turns, the flexible ring inside it squeezes, becoming an oval shape. Read more at (link in bio) #robot #robotics #omgrobots #materials #science #tech #technology #NASATech @caltechedu @ucsandiego

The main line, made of copper loses some energy on its journey to the internal magnet feeders. Superconducting wires made of niobium-titanium are used to connect electromagnets to their power supply. They can conduct 100 times the current of traditional copper wire because when cooled close to absolute zero they offer no resistance to electricity. To reach a superconducting state, LHC magnets are maintained at 1.9 K (-271.3°C) – temperatures colder than outer space!

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