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Smash 4 T-Shirt

Smash 4 T-Shirt

Minecraft Furniture

This is obviously not a real fishtank, but I like the simplicity about it. pressed against the wall [which in my case would be invisible]

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PIKACHU LOVE CARD Pokemon go greeting card - I choose you - nerd couple geek - cute - anniversary - I love you - Nintendo - naughty -

This is so me, it's not even funny. Jk, yeah it is. Lmao.

Saving in games

There is no "too many saved games" Futurama funny pics jokes. When it comes down to important stuff, you can never be sure enough.

Le rêve!!!! Yeaaaaaa

Every gamer's dream

Funny pictures about Goodbye social life. Oh, and cool pics about Goodbye social life. Also, Goodbye social life.

My computer rig tower pc gaming setup liquid cooled wow world of warcraft wall paper…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

It's Friday F*** This Shit (IFFTS) #160

Gamer girl reality

A perfect analogy of video game sexism. But to be honest I like the 'male' games

XD shift + directional arrow keys = running abilities. At least that's how it is with the rpg maker games I play

Gamers will know

In CS:GO (the most competitive FPS in existance) shoft actually makes you slow down to a walk to prevent your enemies from hearing you.