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a woman standing in the sand with her back to the camera and texting image is in background
Lightweight Image Parallax Scrolling with jQuery - Mini Parallax
A small and fast jQuery plugin that adds parallax scrolling effects to images using Window.requestAnimationFrame() method.
a group of people walking down a street in front of tall buildings with the sun behind them
Responsive Draggable Image Slider with jQuery and CSS3
A jQuery & CSS3 powered responsive fullscreen image slider that allows you to navigate between image using mouse drag or touch swipe.
a blue and red background with black dots
Simple Full Page Scrolling Plugin For jQuery - scrollview.js
scrollview.js is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin used to create smooth vertical or horizontal fullscreen scrolling effect for one page website / web application.
a woman is sitting on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her face
Responsive Flexible jQuery Modal Window Plugin - RiModal
RiModal is a responsive, flexible, dynamic jQuery modal plugin that supports iframes, Ajax loaded content, plain content and very much more.
an image of a blue square with arrows pointing in different directions on the same side
multiscroll.js - split multi-scrolling pages plugin
multiScroll.js Create divided multi-scrolling pages.
an image of a duck with a bow tie on it's head and the words, our vision is simple to give you great search results without tracking you
Full Width Responsive Content Carousel with jQuery and CSS3
A jQuery & CSS3 based content carousel that cycles through a set of Html elements using attractive animations based on CSS3 transitions.
a pink background with the words item four
jQuery Plugin To Animate Content As User Scrolls - scrollex
scrollex is a jQuery plugin that detects scroll events (e.g. enter, exit, scroll through) and triggers a function based on the scroll position.
a screenshot of a web page with the text'every java script framework is 6 days ago '
Simple Content Rotator Plugin with jQuery and Animate.CSS - Morphist
A jQuery plugin used to loop infinitely through an unordered list of Html content with cool CSS3 animations powered by Animate.css.
an iphone screen with the texting section highlighted in purple and white, along with other font options
jQuery Plugin For Accordion Style Responsive Select Menu
A small (2kb) jQuery plugin that transforms a select list into a modern, smooth and fully responsive accordion menu for easier access.
an image of the steps to social media
Multi-Level Radial Nav Menu with jQuery and CSS3
A cool navigation experiment that helps you create a multi-level radius popup menu using jQuery and CSS3.
an image of a computer screen with the text see two on it's left side
jQuery Plugin For Scroll Position Indicator - Progress Tracker
A small jQuery plugin that displays the reading progress and allows for switch between different sections of content very smoothly.
four different types of text in green and white with the same color scheme for each one
Child Elements Equal Height Plugin With jQuery
Yet another jQuery equal height plugin that makes all child elements of a parent container equal in height.
an advertisement for the panelop company is shown in black and white, with red text
Creating Off-canvas Push/Reveal/Overlay Menus with jQuery - jQPanels
A jQuery panel-style navigation plugin which makes it easier to create off-canvas push/reveal/overlay menus on your webpage/web app.
two bubbles floating in the water on a blue and green background with text that reads, what are you doing?
Lightweight One Page Scroller Plugin with jQuery
A minimal plugin to animate scrolling to desired content sections smoothly, with support for easing effects and snapping functionality.
an image of a pink square with the word genius on it's bottom corner
Create Custom Rotate Animations with jQuery and CSS3
A super tiny JavaScript library which gives you the ability to apply a custom rotate animation on an Html element using jQuery and CSS3 2D transforms.