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a person holding a microphone in front of a mirror with the caption band director let's play at panismo trumpet section did someone say fortissimo?
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two men standing in a living room with the caption that reads, me, reading my instrument after counting 47 measures of rest
musical nerdiness
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The Best Music Memes in 2019
a man in an orange jacket holding his hands up to his face, and playing at normal speed with the right notes playing fast but very wrong
an image of a man holding a piece of paper with the words stop scrolling go practice
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a man in a suit and tie is talking to someone on the television show where you completely zone out while playing a piece and smiling
The Best Marching Band Memes
two young men playing violin together with the caption'10yrs old prodigy playing better than me '
a pink background with the words yes, i like classical music no, i am not old
a poster with music notes on it that says, for those who don't know
ViolinExplorer on Twitter
an image of music notes with the caption'this happened to my music when it got stuck while i was trying to copy it '
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a black and white photo with the words music problem 17 19 when multiple ensembles join together to create one giant awesome ensemble
a black and yellow quote with the words when someone tries to talk to you while you're practicing
violin problems
a quote with the words, that sinking feeling when a five year old is at the same level as you
violin problems