christmas decorations

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a christmas tree made out of wooden pallets with lights on the top and bottom
three wooden christmas trees with bows on them
KIT c/ 3 Árvores NATAL - cód. 40116
some red and white polka dots are tied to a brown box
Online Gift Shop UK | Unique & Personalised Gifts
a red and white polka dot star hanging from a rope
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wooden spoons with red and white mushrooms on them hanging from hooks against a wood plank wall
Décorations "Champignons" en bois recyclé - Madame Ki et ses vintageries
wooden spoons with snowmen on them hang from hooks in a wood plank wall
Décoration de "Bonhomme de neige" en bois recyclé - Madame Ki et ses vintageries
wooden ornaments are hanging on the wall in different styles and colors, including santa's hats
+110 Déco de Noël Pas Chères à Faire Soi-Même avec de la Récup'
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