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different types of breads are shown in the same color and size as well as each other
Breadmaking 101: How to Troubleshoot Bad Bread
Bread can be a fickle animal. Even though it's one of the simplest, oldest foods on earth, it also takes a lot of finesse and practice before you can make it confidently and well. Today, we're going to go through troubleshooting a series of problem loaves to learn how to make them better and more consistent in the future.
an info sheet with different types of boats
What do you think about this chart ? Is it enough to start ? What would you add ?
there are some breads on the cutting board
HOW TO MAKE SOURDOUGH BAGUETTES - Introduction to Bread Making - Steve's Kitchen
soft 1 - rise sourdough sandwich bread in a loaf pan with text overlay
Easy Soft 100% Sourdough Sandwich Bread – One Rise & Overnight Options
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