The Arch - Cederberg Mountains

The Arch of The Cederberg Mountains, Cape Town South Africa. One of the best hiking area around Cape Town. Perfect for nature lovers.

Cave painting of hunters and elephants - Cederberg, South Africa

30,000 Year Old Cave Paintings

Nature's doorways put ours to shame! Have you ever been to Wolfberg Arch in the Cederbergs?

TANKWA WINDOW Wolfberg Arch, Cederberg Mountains Looking through the arch, the final light of day colours the sky over the distant Tankwa Karoo in soft pinks

Cederberg: for hiking, swimming, camping, FUN!

Cederberg - Information about Cederberg in the Western Cape. Destinations, Attractions, Things to Do, photographs and a list of accommodation available in the Cederberg, Western Cape.

Almost @ Wolfberg Arch

Almost @ Wolfberg Arch

Cederberg Cave!

Photo of Cederberg Cave!

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