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Edison’s Mother ~ whether this is truth or not matters very little. Beware the words you speak to a child for they become their inner voice X My Father taught me that.>>>wow such an amazing mother

What is wrong with America? We milk our own for education.

Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong With Americans. I wonder when we actually got as stupid as we are. It seems we are rapidly becoming the dumbest country in the entire world. How long before we wake up or . will we wake up?

gop-tea-pub: “curly-star-child: “ Ohhhh my god. back then, republicans were left leaning and democrats were more conservative. Eventually, republicans had so many wealthy white men in their party.

Facts that have yet to be answered! Mr Trump over to you!

The xxxxxxxl lie. The lowest lie in human history which destroyed half a continent & still lies & killing continue

Gun control means using both hands!

Support the Amendment and just stop for a moment and actually THINK about these statistics! Paris also has very strict gun control. just the good guys who might have stopped some of the carnage.

guns-and-humor: “ Hillary hates blacks. She has said in the past that they are the burden on society but now she needs the idiot vote! Her and her husband are too fucken nasty to even call white trash! ”

Here's Something You Don't See In The Media: Trump being given the Ellis Island Award in 1989 for contributing to the conditions of inner city black youths, standing alongside Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.Why Doesn't Media remember this?

26 Conspiracy Theory Related Images

26 Conspiracy Theory Style Images It was 27 but something went wrong somewhere. I will have to investigate.