iStart2 Blog : Beloved Traitor ... Elsabé Brits

"Emily Hobhouse is such a phenomenal woman. She was a humanist and a fi ghter for human rights. She was truly a woman of her time and our t.

iStart2 Blog : Tribal Echo ... Frazer Barry

"I love people ," sa ys Frazer Barry , musician and frontman of Tribal Echo , on the Show this week.

iStart2 Blog : The Answer lies in the Soil .... Alan Rosenberg

On the Radio Show this week we chatted to Alan Rosenberg about Agroecology and the evolution of Agriculture.

iStart2 Blog : Sustainability Conversations ... Man cannot own la...

"Agriculture can never be an exact science. There is an inescapable kinship between farming and art.

iStart2 Blog : Sustainability of Artists ... Cesare Cassarino

"To make art is very expensive. I've got the soul of an artist. I learnt how to be functional an.

iStart2 Blog : Pyn-in-de-gat ...

iStart2 Blog : Pyn-in-de-gat ...

iStart2 Blog : Milking the Holy Cows ... Deon Maas

Hear what Deon Maas has to say on the Show this week. He is the author of the best seller, " Melk die Heilige Koeie .

iStart2 Blog : Poison on your plate? ... Gina Shoemaker

"Have a conscience and be aware of your environment and surroundings," says Gina Shoemaker on the Radio Show this week.

iStart2 Blog : The iStart2 Story ... Keitu Gwangwa interviews Pie...

is a Sustainabilty-through-Arts movement in which communities participate in re-imagining and implementing solutions towards leavin.

iStart2 Blog : Witboy en Witbooi ... Deon Maas en Conny Braam

iStart2 Blog : Witboy en Witbooi ... Deon Maas en Conny Braam

iStart2 Blog : My Message to Donald Trump ... Dr Nigel Crawhall

Nigel's message to Donald Trump: "Come to Africa. Come and see some of the rural communities.

iStart2 Blog : Most Popular iStart2 Radio Shows of 2016

On the Radio Show today we highlight our most popular shows of Cry of Africa: Pops Mohamed and Coenie de Villiers D.

iStart2 Blog : Standing Ovation ... #iStart2Sing the Cry of Afric...

Hats off to all for sharing your beautiful art and music with all of us on Friday at the Atterbury Theatre!