A stairway to storage heaven.

Stairway Storage

Staircases take up a lot of space, so why not use them for storage as well. Imagine each step is a box with a hidden drawer in it still allowing for additional storage or home office space beneath the staircase.


Ikea Christmas

Inspiration to Decorate for the Holidays.lights from IKEA; hang from an entry or hallway for a whimsical wintry look for the holidays

this could be my reading nook in my future home.

Shabby Chic Guest House bedroom home bed white house decorate shabby chic shabbychic loft guest

go a little vintage why don't you?

20 Vintage Bedrooms Inspiring Ideas

Vintage refers to the and Bedrooms with Vintage style take you back in time. Looking for vintage bedroom decorating ideas? Are you looking for vintage bedroom ideas?

Gold holiday table by Hey Look via The Sweetest Occasion

A Glam Gold Holiday Table

Moroccan style home decorating invites rich colors of Middle Eastern interiors, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns and uniqueness of Moroccan decorations a

Riad Enija, a boutique hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. Riad Enija is “a Moroccan name, but my version is from Greek mythology, it means Ying and Yang.

Bilinear Art Consulting: Steampunk Interiors

There is definitely something about the Nixie tube clocks. The Nixie tube made its debut in 1954 and presently, the Nixies are


Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas @ DIY Home Design - lots of ideas for using string lights to create atmosphere. Where ever you use fairy lights, the whole atmosphere warms up.

Lovely vintage decoration and interior ideas

Today, Design Build Ideas presents some great examples of vintage interior design that will certainly inspire you.

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