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a poem written in black and white with the words, i may not get to see you
Our relationship is never casual. We are always drawn to another and grow stronger with each passing day. It's real and spectacular
an orcasm is a great way to unwind by andyyquts
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An orgasm is a great way to unwind. ❤ Oh yes it is :) #stressless #unwind #benaughty - Kinky Quotes is your number one site for fun, naughty and sexy quotes for him and for her!
a couple kissing each other with the caption when he takes control and you like it
With the right man this would be a yessssss
a white and orange sign that says eat new forbidden fritter with a naked woman on it
a black and white photo with the words seduce me with your words on it
.......say you do.....x
a black and white photo with the words, your smile your eyes the way you laugh
Partner Quotes
a quote that reads, i love you because the entire universe is compared to help me find
228 Love Quotes To Help You Tell Him Everything You Feel
We were meant to be together.
a couple hugging each other with the caption in one life time, you will love many times but one love will burn your soul forever
a quote that reads, teasing is one of the sexest types of foreplay
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Teasing is one of the sexiest types of foreplay. ❤ When you tease each other in that playful, seductive and naughty way.. Now that’s just a MASSIVE turn on and one of the hottest types of foreplay ever. ❤ #foreplay #sexy #quote
a quote that says i want a romantic and passionate lover with an insanely dirty mind
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I want a romantic and passionate lover with an insanely dirty mind. ❤ This combination.. Is PERFECT. That perfect mix between romance and naughtiness. Between romantic and dirty. When you find someone who’s a romantic AND passionate lover.. AND has a really dirty mind. Oh my.. Good times ahead. #naughty #quotes
the words u s i like the sound of that on a chevron background with hearts
Enjoy Life, Enjoy Living