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A message of hope to a struggling wife Phillipians 4:4-9 Paraphased

Philippians To the struggling, emotionally drained wife.I have been there, and there is hope for better days.Hope for reconciliation, forgiveness, healing and to find love again ….

How to Raise a Strong Girl in a Rough World

How will I raise a powerful girl in a hard world? I'll start by teaching her to be passionate, to know her worth, and to love her mind and body.

Stop Blaming Your Husband for Unmet Needs

Stop Blaming Your Husband for Unmet Needs. Powerful read that can prevent resentment and divorce. Can apply to both husband and wife.

An Interview With My Husband About Sex: His Answers Will Surprise You | Unveiled Wife

Recently, I sat down and interviewed my husband regarding sex. I figured by doing this, I would kill two birds with one stone. For one, I would learn more about what my husband prefers… sexually.