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the text on the phone says, i'm waiting for god to make things right
a pink menu with flowers on it and the words, how to read the bible
Lemon8 · Bible reading plan I’ve been using · @PRECIOUS J
Bible reading plan I’ve been using | Gallery posted by PRECIOUS J | Lemon8
a poem written in two different languages, with the words above it and below it
the “worst” is never the worst🧏🏾‍♀️
#christian #faith #hope #Jesus #Yeshua #girls #love #peace
an advertisement with the words, short prayer to get out of debt on white background
5 Supportive Prayers To Get Out Of Debt
the bible verses on marriage, with two different words in purple and yellow above it
What are the benefits of marriage? Is marriage right for you? Why would you get married?
an image with the words wait like sarah protect like rahab trust like ruth pray like hannah lead like other rejoice like mary
wait like sarah svg, women of the bible svg, rahab svg, ruth svg, hannah svg, bible verse svg, bible quote svg, scripture svg, jesus svg
the words to do list are written in black ink on a white background with an image of
The Renewed Mind by Ashley Varner