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a glass box sitting in the middle of some leaf covered ground with trees behind it
SOnoma Design — archatlas: Small Studio in the Woods Bosco...
SOnoma Design — archatlas: Small Studio in the Woods Bosco...
a small house sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle and vase
Mr. Falck
two pictures with the words build a cabin in a weekend for under $ 5, 000
Build A Cabin In A Weekend For Under $5,000
a crane is lifting a large piece of wood into the air from a house's roof
This construction company designed its own trailer for job sites, and it's gorgeous
a small house built into the side of a forest
Ultra-small dwelling puts a cork in tiny living
a small cabin in the woods with a deck and pillows on it's side
Beautiful Cabins Around the World Built With an Eye on Budget and Environment
a large metal box sitting on top of a wooden pallet next to a building
2 high-schoolers designed huts for the homeless that cost less than $3,000
a woman sitting on an orange couch in front of a large white structure with windows
Truck-A-Tecture: A New Look at Mobile Living
a painting of a person sitting on a ledge looking out at the mountains and clouds
a tree house in the middle of a field
wie sehen die Baumhäuser aus
the inside of a vehicle with snowboards and skis
When An Architect Does A Van Conversion
a small wooden cabin in the woods with two chairs and a hot tub on the deck
there are two blue and white containers on the shelf
Installing A Camper Van Water System [Sink & Plumbing Diagrams]
an old fashioned stove in the corner of a kitchen with wooden cabinets and counter tops
Andrew's Tiny House
two pictures side by side of a small shed with windows and doors on the roof
Build Your Own Efficient DIY Garden Shed - The Owner-Builder Network