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Phillisha Mathy
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Amazing colours

There are 4 tips to buy this dress: neon clutch snake print shoes bag bright blouse purse and shoes colorful yellow neon green high heels strappy sandals glamour.

10 Myths about graphic design

From cash-flow to clients, this infographic banishes 10 myths about graphic design. Before diving into the world of graphic design, you should know a few home truths. Just like any other career, working as a graphic designer certainly has its …

Wow, I really love these Lego print ads. They're more than toys, they're imagination and dreams. Really simple concept and clean design, but gets the point across in a way that really resonates.

Lego Print Ad This is a super simple, yet super clever ad that makes use of a single image, and doesn't even use copy. It shows that Lego is more than just a toy - it's about imagination for the kids that use them.