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a close up of a mushroom on the ground
Health Benefits Of Turkey Tail Mushroom
Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor Pilát) | "Mushroomers in the know use the tough caps as a pleasant mushroom-flavored chewing gum while walking in the woods. They also boil them to make a healthful tea or broth for soup."
a close up of a tree trunk with moss growing on it
Natures Doorways
Natures Doorways: lichen
a white mushroom sitting on top of a forest floor
Destroying angel - Amanita species. Beautiful but deadly
a close up of a red plant on the ground
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Clathrus archeri - Octopus Stinkhorn
a cluster of mushrooms growing on a tree branch
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Banksia "nagging wife fungi"
small mushrooms growing out of the mossy ground next to some rocks and plants with red berries on them
Your Friendly Photography Forum
Mycena, British Soldiers and Moss....all in a secret magical garden
two mushrooms with white dots on them sitting in the grass
Lactarius substriatus ;)
some green moss growing on the ground
False Pixie Cups Lichen - (Cladonia chlorophaea) A medium-sized, upright club lichen.
closeup of the bark and lichens on a tree
Fungi & lichen –
an orange object hanging from a tree branch
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This mushroom is awesome!! Cyttaria gunnii- saw these in Tierra del Fuego -Would be cool as a lamp shade...
two white mushrooms with brown tips on top of each other, one is upside down
22_5671 Auricalpium aff. vulgare | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a large group of mushrooms growing on the ground
Honey Mushrooms ~ Armillaria Mellea
a small yellow mushroom sitting on top of moss
Pretty Lichenomphalia
there is a purple mushroom growing out of the ground
Australian Fungi - A Blog
Australian Fungi
small white mushrooms are growing on the ground
Nature and more
Amanita afrospinosa