Mphuthumi Dingiswayo

Mphuthumi Dingiswayo

Mphuthumi Dingiswayo
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Manolis Patramanis ,ceramics bronze

Face on wall - Manolis Patramanis, Ceramic Sculpture Art, Kouroupis, Koutouloufari, Greece

Krmítko pro ptáčky - malé

Small hanging feeder for chickadees, sparrows and other small birds small diameter bottom edge of the hood is cm, diameter cm

Appetizer plate w/ toothpick holder.Pretty and functional.

Blue and White Textured Tin Roof Handmade Ceramic Pottery Rectangular Appetizer Serving Toothpick Plate Tray. thinking of my Mesiree Ceramics Peeps!

slip trailing. @amypants158 we gotta take ceramics again. Even if it's a 6th class.

Pottery by Lisa: Slip Trailing --- She suggests materials and equipment and offers instructions and tips; she even provides links to excellent videos on slip trailing.