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an airplane is flying in the sky above some clouds and blue skies with white fluffy clouds
Kenya Airways: favourerd by the geographic position of its hub Jomo Kenyatta airport, it plans to be the airline of choice for flights between Africa and Asia.
an ethiopian airliner flying over the desert
Ethiopian airlines and its government plans to turn Bole airport into an African dubai.
an orange and white jet airliner on runway with grass in foreground, buildings in background
Angolan state airline emerged from EU blacklist after ordering new Boeing 777-300ER
an airplane is flying in the sky over some mountains and land, with its landing gear down
Loss making flag carrier of South Africa currently with flights to all six inhabited continents. It plans to order Boeing 787 or Airbus A350xwb for long range international flights and A320s for connecting the whole of Africa using a proposed hub in Nigeria or Ghana
an airplane flying in the sky with clouds below
This airline is founded by former co owner of Europe's easyjet, it plans to build a mega budget african airline that flies to every african state capital using airbus Airbus A319s
a green and white jet airliner taking off from an airport runway
South African lowcost airline with ambition to serve southern africa and indian ocean islands using 737-800 aircrafts only
an orange and white airplane flying over a cityscape with the word cargo painted on it
South African budget carrier with plans to serve flights between southern africa and western african markets such as nigeria and ghana
an airplane is flying in the sky with it's landing gear down
an airplane flying in the sky above clouds
an airplane is flying over the clouds in the blue and white sky with words ark on it
an airplane is taking off from the runway
an airplane that is on the runway with grass in the background
Libyan carrier with a plan to overtake emirates on flights between Europe and Africa
an airplane is flying in the air with its landing gear down and it's wheels out
Air zimbabwe (still burdened by EU sanctions but plans to operations direct flights from harare to Tel aviv, singapore, china, dubai, hong kong and Malaysia)
an orange airplane is sitting on the runway
East africa low cost airline fly540 (operates low maintance cheap bombadier and embraer regional jets)