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pink mason jars with pictures and flowers in them
MASON JAR PICTURE FRAME this & would be so fun to make for Mother's Day & for Grandmas! Directions...
some candles are sitting in glass vases on a tray and next to other items
$1 Store Candle Vases
Bring the beach and coastal decor into your home with these gorgeous candle holders made with items from the Dollar Store.
a towel holder with a white flower on it
td32 - Good idea... my grandsons seem to think they need to pull towel off the ring and of course they don't put it back and it ends up on the floor. This is a good solution!
two white towels with flowers on them sitting on a black tray in front of a mirror
LoveToKnow - Live a Life You Love
How to Display Bath Towels [Slideshow]
a white towel hanging on the wall next to a metal bar with two blue towels folded over it
How to Display Towels Decoratively | Hunker
Some bath towels are quite expensive and you may purchase them only for display purposes. Hanging your bathroom towels decoratively is a great way to display them in your guest bathroom or any time you want to hang your plush towels in a fancy manner. Folding your towels decoratively will make your family, guests or friends feel pampered, as if...
a stack of white towels sitting on top of a blue chair next to flowers and greenery
Fancy Shmancy Towel Fold Tutorial
#towels #bathroom Cute and Easy towel decorations
two towels are hanging on the wall next to some framed pictures and one is tied up with ribbon
towel decor
the different types of plants that can be seen in this info sheet for each type of plant
How much light does your houseplant need? Find out with this handy chart.
So useful right now: a visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light.
Terrarium how-to! How To Make Terrariums, Mini Terrarium, Terrarium Diy, Garden Terrarium, Terraria, Succulent Terrarium, Deco Floral, Amazing Diy
How to Make a Mother's Day Terrarium
Terrarium how-to!
a glass vase filled with flowers and moss on top of a wooden table next to a pumpkin
I think I might try to make a Terrarium.
there is a glass vase with flowers in it and moss growing out of the bottom
20 Ideas To Use Mini Terrariums In Interior Decorating And Table Serving - Shelterness
20 Ideas To Use Mini Terrariums In Interior Decorating And Table Serving | Shelterness
a white vase filled with lots of green leaves
How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant
Peace lily, natural air purifier and virtually impossible to kill (I've had mine for 5 years :-))