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Collection by Peter Koen

Peter Koen
De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa - Whale Trail, a wild day at Vaalkrans

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The Whale Trail

Your Rough Guide to Hiking the Whale Trail

Pack your bags and discover one of the best hiking trails South Africa has to offer. Here is your guide to hiking the Whale Trail.

Temenos Gardens

Temenos Gardens

The beautiful gardens at Temenos in McGregor, in the Western Cape, South Africa



Gold Buddha at Temenos in McGregor in the Western Cape, South Africa

Not Ntafufu bay but rather Port St.Johns

ntafufu bay

my friend's house was just behind the first row of trees, hidden away in the jungle :)



Tim Doherty leading the way a long a path above the Ntafufu River, Pondoland, South Africa.

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

A sign at Temenos, in McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa. The gardens are silent