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Hiking to Everest Base Camp: A Day By Day Account

A day by day account of what it's really like to trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, including how difficult each day really is.

Budget Traveler's trekking list... what you'll need

Budget Trekking in Nepal - Budget traveler's trekking kit for Nepal.

What do you eat on the Everest Base Camp trek?

Are you heading out on the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal and curious about the food? We breakdown some of our favorite dishes (and others to avoid)!

The first 3 days of the Everest Base Camp Trek - where you go, what you see and where you stay

Doing the Everest Base Camp Trek? Here is what happens in the first three days from the type of trekking to the accommodation

Action doesn't make much sense, but here's what they mean: José está siendo inteligente o José está leyendo un libro

This eye-catching poster clarifies the differences between the uses of the Spanish verbs Ser and Estar, which both mean "to be."The poster is very handy for those teachable moments when you need to explain different usages of the verbs. It contains the mn