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an old man with suspenders and a badge on his chest is standing in front of a black background
Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter
a man with suspenders is looking at the camera
Homicide Hunter, Lt. Joe Kenda. Tuesdays at 10pm/9c!
an older man with grey hair wearing a purple shirt and tie, looking at the camera
Investigation Discovery on Twitter
You know you make this face too much #IDAddict #HomicideHunterFanatic @LtJoeKenda
an older man with a badge on his chest standing in front of a sign that says kim's all the way
an old man in a suit and tie with the caption what part of thou shall not kill do you not understand?
the poster for game of kenda, which features many different faces and head shapes
The One True King returns tonight in all new #HomicideHunter. Kenda is
an old black and white photo of a man in a suit with his name on it
an older man and woman holding up a sign that says behind every great man is an even scarier woman
an old man with suspenders talking to another man who is wearing a striped hat
the front page of an old newspaper
Lt. Joe Kenda -- rockin' a perm!!
an old man wrapped in a blanket is shown on the shower curtain above his head