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Bing Image Archive: Humpback whale in Cierva Cove, Antarctica (© Robert Harding World Imagery/Offset)(Bing United States)

Picture of the day for July 14 2016 at by Bing; Spot-fin porcupinefish near Hawaii ( David Fleetham/Visuals Unlimited Inc.

Humpback whale off t

Picture of the day for August 23 2016 at by Bing; A coral reef in the Red Sea near Egypt ( cinoby/iStock/Getty Images)

Walrus swimming in the Arctic Ocean (© Fabrice Simon/Corbis)(Bing New Zealand)

Bing Image Archive: Manta rays near the Solomon Islands (© Don Silcock/Cultura/plainpicture)(Bing Australia)

Check Details: Cape gannet diving for fish off Port St.

Humpback whales in Stephens Passage near Admiralty Island, Alaska, USA (© AlaskaStock/Masterfile)

Magnificent sea anemone host with black-finned clownfish (© Chris Newbert/Minden Pictures) tropical ocean wallpaper

Halfmoon fish in a kelp forest offshore from San Diego, California (© Richard Herrmann/Minden Pictures)

Red and black anemonefish in bleaching anemone in the Lembeh Strait of North Sulawesi, Indonesia (© Jeff Yonover/Tandem Stock)(Bing United States)

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