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chocolate fudge cake

This chocolate fudge cake recipe is super easy and quick to make so it is perfect for when you need to bake a last minute simple yet decadent cake for a special occasion. You don't need to use a chocolate with a high % for this, just standard dark chocola

Maltesers chocolate chiffon cake

Looking for the best birthday cake to bake? We've got 21 great birthday cake recipes, suited to everyone from cocktail lovers to chocaholics to big kids!

Kit Kat Fudge

I love Kit Kat's and I love fudge so I thought why not combine them so I could get that nice crunchy wafer in a fudge bite. I had similar success with my Peanut

Step by step Orange Cake Recipe, How to make Orange Cake Recipe, Orange Pound Cake Recipe, best orange cake recipe from scratch, easy orange cake recipe,

Step by step Orange Cake Recipe. How to make Orange Cake Recipe. Incredibly moist orange cake bursting with citrus orange flavor and is soft and fluffy as a cloud!

Malteser Cupcakes! - Jane's Patisserie

Chocolate Malt Cupcakes with Malt Buttercream Frosting. The Perfect Malteser Cupcakes for any occasion! One of my favourite bakes (or rather. Non-Bakes) has been my No-Bake.

Get Snap Happy With This Fun DIY Camera

In 20 mins or less make this cool cardboard camera with or for your children - all you need to make is right there in your recycling bin