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a cartoon character holding a glass of wine and looking at the camera with red eyes
a drawing of a man with glasses and a ponytail
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Overwatch - Hanzo
a man in white shirt and black pants walking with scarf around his neck while wearing sneakers
#hanzo #overwatch
a drawing of a man sitting next to a blue fire breathing dragon on a gray background
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a drawing of a man with his hair in a ponytail
a drawing of a man with long hair and beard holding an arrow in his hand
three different types of pens sitting on top of each other
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a knife that is on top of a piece of metal with black handle and blade
Carbon Express Dual Blade - Petersen's Bowhunting
Shot placement is most important, but the arrowhead that bleeds the game quickest produces a more humane and easier to track kill. Nice shot, no pun intended!
many green objects are sitting on a table
My Green Arrow Trick Tips...MORE PICS, MORE ARROWS! 4/17
What would Green Arrow be without his trick arrows? These are props made by Blue Mirage Studios via TheRPF forum.
an assortment of different types of bow and arrows on a wooden floor with measuring tape
Arrow Loadout 2.0
an illustration showing how to use the blade blades on a bow and arrows for bows
rwby cinder falls
RWBY Cinder's weapon
a black and gold object on a white background with an arrow in the shape of a star
Be Prepared in Survival Life | How to Survive and Prepare for an Emergency | Survival Life Blog
a garden tool with a black handle and an open blade on the side, sitting on a white background
Magnus Stinger Buzz Cut Fixed Blade Broadhead Pack of 3
an arrow shaped object is shown against a white background with the tip pointing up to it's left side
an artistically designed metal object on a gray surface with two spikes sticking out of it
Ganamazol's weapons are proned to have moving parts that make them more badass like these Arrowheads