South African Pickles and Condiments

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This board is South Africa's favourite Pickles and Condiments. Choose any of them for your personal enjoyment.

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i KNOW it probably contains illegal ingredients but i don't care. i love you, aromat. South African Homes, South African Recipes, Spices And Herbs, Seasoning Mixes, My Recipes, Food To Make, Healthy Lifestyle, Stuffed Peppers, Memories
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Knorr Aromat

Knorr Aromat - 75g Aromat was presented in 1953 as a "flavouring seasoning mix" by the Knorr Company. Since then Aromat has become the one seasoning that can make anything taste great, from eggs to mielies to boiled beans. Knorr Aromat Seasoning is a carefully well-balanced mixture of spices and herbs, specially chosen to complement your cooking, heighten flavour and make food taste great. It's exceptionally versatile – can be added much like pepper and salt, either whilst cooking or at the…

Koo Cream Style Sweetcorn another South African favourite Cream Style, Pickles, South Africa, Nostalgia, Memories, Memoirs, Souvenirs, Pickle
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Koo Cream Style Sweetcorn

KOO Cream Style Sweetcorn is pleasantly creamy velvety and sweet. Great as an accompaniment to any type of main course, this sweetcorn is loaded with sweet corn goodness. Best South African choice grade creamed sweetcorn on the market at this moment. KOO Cream Style Sweetcorn is particularly great as part of a well-balanced family diet. It is a scrumptious way of satisfying hungry mouths whilst ensuring you give them all the goodness.

My husband brought the peach chutney back from a trip to Africa. You can put it on any kind of meat or on cheese with crackers. It's amazing. You can find it at World Market. South African Recipes, Dinner Themes, Out Of Africa, Big Meals, It Goes On, Special Recipes, Original Recipe, Love Food, Balls
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Mrs Balls Chutney

Mrs Balls Chutney Mrs Ball’s Chutney is simply one of those products synonymous with truly South African products. Like ketchup is for America, Mrs Balls Fruit Chutney can probably be found in the kitchens of most South Africans. Everyone has a special recipe in their repertoire in which nothing but Mrs Balls will do – whether it is the student who lives on chutney and cheese sandwiches or the housewife whose chutney and chicken casserole is her family’s favourite weekday supper recipe. The…

Spur Steak Barbeque Sauce another South African favourite Barbeque Sauce, Bbq, Just Serve, Savoury Dishes, Steak, African, Pickles, Sauces, Living Room
Barbeque Sauce

Spur Steak Barbeque Sauce

Generously pour the Spur Barbeque Sauce over any savoury dish or meal to give it that awesome Spur taste. Tangy yet slightly sweet with the delectable smoky taste you have come to know and love, this household favourite is a must-have in any South African pantry. Sauce and marinade your meats to tender perfection or just serve alongside your hamburgers, chips, boerewors, steaks and of course poultry to give it that perfect finishing touch.

Koo All Gold Tomato and Onion another South African favourite South African Braai, Pickles, Onion, Pickle, Pickling, Onions

Koo All Gold Tomato and Onion

All Gold Tomato and Onion Mix is chock a’ block full of the finest fresh onions and tomatoes, sliced and prepared for your convenience. It is an awesome as a cook-in sauce and for mixing with pasta and noodles. South Africa's traditional tomato and onion mix that is perfect for a truly South African braai.

Spur Grill Original and Spicy Basting another South African favourite Rib Sauce, Cooking On The Grill, Natural Flavors, Hot Sauce Bottles, Own Home, Pickles, Barbecue, Spicy, Grilling
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Spur Grill Original and Spicy Basting

Use the Spur Grill Original and Spicy Basting to produce that renowned Spur taste in your own home. Soak your meats with this exciting sauce prior to barbecuing and the flavour will marinade your meat, seasoning it perfectly. For best results, drizzle your steaks, ribs or chops with Spur basting while cooking on the grill or in the oven in order to seal in the tang. Not only will your meat get that distinct Spur taste, it will also remain delightfully moist while you are braaing, which will…

Pakco Masala Masala Curry, Curry Dishes, Curry Powder, Natural Herbs, Indian Food Recipes, Pickles, African, Pure Products, Pickle
Masala CurryCurry Powder

Pakco Masala

Pakco Masala is pure perfectly roasted Masala curry powder. Pakco roasting Masala is a pure curry powder created from unique spices, mixed together with vegetable oil and thickeners to produce time honoured Eastern curry dishes. This mixture of Pakco’s one-of-a-kind quality selected natural herbs and spices achieves the ultimate in mouth-watering curry flavour. It is then roasted and blended to utmost perfection to release a genuine Indian taste when cooked in a curry. Pakco is one of the…

Knorr Thick White Onion Soup another South African favourite White Onion, Big Meals, Onion Soup, Pickles, Salsa, Snack Recipes, Chips, African, Treats
White OnionOnion Soup

Knorr Thick White Onion Soup

Mmm... there is nothing better than Knorr’s thick white onion soup, ideal as light treat for the family or as a starter before the big meal. The people at Knorr believe every meal is essential and every dish you make is an opportunity to impress! The Knorr soups are straightforward, very easy to make and extremely healthy. Knorr Onion Soup has a beautiful flavoured onion taste, and has an awesome thick and creamy soup texture.

Bisto Instant Gravy another South African favourite Roast Beef Gravy, Roast Chicken And Gravy, Onion Gravy, Roasted Meat, Pickles, Stew, African, Pickle, Pickling
Roast Beef GravyOnion GravyStewPickling

Bisto Instant Gravy

Go ahead and smell the delectable aroma of Bistro Instant Gravy! For delicious gravy made the way mom used to, give Bistro Instant gravy sauce a try. Bistro has been around for over 40 years- thickening and browning and seasoning your curries, stews, pies and casseroles in generations of South African kitchens. Merely add some boiling water and Bistro Instant Gravy and it is ready to spoon over your roasted meat or potatoes. Or simply stir a spoonful into your soup, casserole or stew for a…

All Gold Tomato Sauce another South African favourite Burger Perfect, Making Hot Dogs, Tomato Paste, Potato Chips, Spices, Gold, South Africa, African, Image
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All Gold Tomato Sauce

There are Tomato Sauces and then there is ALL GOLD Tomato Sauce. Still South Africa's favourite tomato sauce with that unmistakeable rich full flavour and perfectly thick consistency. Crammed full of the goodness of 36 sun-ripened tomatoes, ALL GOLD Tomato Sauce makes hot-dogs and burgers perfect, and potato chips can almost not be eaten without a dollop on the side to dip in. ALL GOLD now has a variety of hassle-free squeeze bottles, permitting you to get just enough of sauce and make your…

Wellington Sweet Chilli Sauce another South African favourite Sweet Chilli Sauce, Spring Rolls, Corn Starch, Hot Sauce Bottles, Asian Recipes, Pickles, African, Food, Egg Rolls
Corn StarchAsian RecipesFoodEgg Rolls

Wellington Sweet Chilli Sauce

Wellington's Sweet Chilli Sauce. This chili sauce from Wellington keeps the tradition of excellence going. Perfect with samosas, spring rolls or added to your favourite Asian recipe. Wellington Sweet Chilli contains the following ingredients - Sugar, Water, Corn starch, Vinegar, salt, Corn starch, Onion Garlic, Chillies and Spices Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate and Sulphur dioxide

Tuna Marine Calamata Olives In Tin another South African favourite Olives, Tuna, Nutella, Pickles, Cereal, African, Desserts, Food, Tailgate Desserts

Tuna Marine Calamata Olives In Tin

Tuna Marine Calamata Olives In Tin another South African favourite