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Container House - Our Tiny House on Wheels on 100 Days of Real Food - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

Roosters crow. A lot. Right when you don't want them to. Here's how to stop your rooster from crowing, without driving either of you crazy!

How to Stop a Rooster from Crowing. I'm sure it's affective, but not everyone has small roosters or one that is able to be picked up.

Turquoise Beaded Chandeliers: High & DIY | Apartment Therapy

In a room of otherwise warm colors, this turquoise beaded chandelier by Marjorie Skouras stands out in its cool, vibrant hue. It& a gorgeous look that sent me in search of other turquoise beaded lighting.

13 Common Chicken Diseases Every Chicken Keeper Should Know About (and How to Treat Them)

If you are a chicken keeper, you should know about these 13 common chicken diseases and how to treat them. That if you don't want your whole flock to die.