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two pieces of paper with writing on them
10 Clever Tricks To Help Your Kids Learn Math Easily
Math can be a hard and a boring subject for most kids. But you can make it easier for them using some clever tricks that would help them master different aspect of basic mathematics easily, and they can even have fun doing it. Take a look at these easy tricks that would help your kid be so much better at math.
two yellow origami dices with times and fractions written on the sides
Fortune Teller Math Games for Kids to Practice Math Skills
Paper Math Games: Fractions and Multiplication - fun way for kids to practice math skills at home. Love!
a hand is shown with three lines in the middle and one line at the top
Helpful memory aid for approximate angle sizes.
a bulletin board with batman symbols on it
7th Grade Math Anchor Charts
Mrs. Math Geek: 7th Grade Math Anchor Charts
a bulletin board with different shapes and numbers on the front, along with words written in spanish
Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!
Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!
a poster with different types of triangles and their corresponding names on it's side
Triangles anchor chart
an image of shapes that are in the shape of stars and octagons with words
Shape Helper Updated.pdf
Shape Helper Updated.pdf
three types of triangles are shown on a piece of paper with the same length and angle
Types of Triangles Anchor Chart
the polygon names are shown in black and white
Class Roome
classroom collective
an origami shaped piece of paper with the words 3d shapes written on it
4k Wallpapers & Backgrounds For FREE to use [2300+ HD Wallpapers]
May 4, 2013 ... WARNING: This post contains A LOT of graphics! My students get a kick out of adding new things to their math journals and they learn so much ...
a poster with different types of pencils on it and the caption says, they are
Anchor Charts
Anchor Charts by cortney108
an addition worksheet with two numbers and the same amount as one number, which is
Easy fraction trick
a white board with writing on it that says convert length
A nice quick reference chart for converting units of measure. I'd like to print this to leave in the student's binder!