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I wouldn't go that far. I do give a little fuck if it's someone I really care about.

I do give a little fuck if it's someone I really care about. Otherwise, yes. of a fuck given.

Story of my life...

I rant all the time and my very best friends do interrupt me with facts and reason! I depend on their facts and reason!

True story

"You should stop worrying about your weight and start worrying about your boring personality." So many people I could send this to.

This is sometimes very true LOL

it's not even a phone, it's a really old iPod that doesn't text without wifi and has no phone :/ Do I win?

Wow! So true

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. If you wouldn't want to eat them, don't spit them at other people.

true true lol

Or lunch and dinner. Or what you accomplished at the gym today.

So true!!!

My voicemail msg should say: You know good & well Im not gonna please hang up and text. I don't do phone calls.more like voice mails!


Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanks to the teachers who instilled in me such a love of English that I'm perpetually mortified when reading the Internet. YES! I was so blessed to have outstanding English teachers!

Might be true ;)

Funny Confession Ecard: I don't regret burning my bridges. I regret that some people weren't on those bridges when I burnt them.