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Download the FREE workbook to make positive lists when you feel overwhelmed. Go to to get the workbook!

Download the FREE workbook to make positive lists when you feel overwhelmed. Go to to get the workbook!

Miss you Uncle Eddie & Pop. Everyday  we pray for y'all wishing more and more you were here

Love you Millard my beloved husband always. Love you Jimmy my beloved son, Love you Mom and Dad my beloved parents. Love you Bradley my beloved grandson thought we only had you for 3 short months you filled them with joy.

A Death Has Occure by- Paul Irion.  And a treasure you are. . . missing you always.

Miss You Poems: a death has occurred By Paul Irion♥

If I could speak to you...this is a part of what I would say my precious DOUG.

I don't want you to see me, when I'm crying and hurting . when I avoid family gatherings because you're not here . I know it hurts you to see my pain. But you know how much I love you and I'm not the same. Only my Eternal love remains.

"Grief may be a thing we all have in common, but it looks different on everyone. It isn't just death we have to grieve. It's life. It's loss. It's change. And when we wonder why it has to suck so much sometimes, has to hurt so bad. The thing to remember is that it can turn on a dime. That's how you can survive--when it hurts so much you can't breathe--that's how you remembering that one day, somehow, impossibly, it won't feel this way; it won't hurt so much...the really crappy…

the very worst part is that the minute you think you're past it, it starts all over again. And always--every time--it takes your breath away.

Time doesn't heal wounds this deep...the pain is unbearable. You were supposed to be at graduation and celebrating.

Time doesn't heal wounds this deep. It hurt so bad today at Kelsey's wedding, you were supposed to be there. So many tears. I miss you Robbie ~ /

My heart is breaking

When your beautiful heart stopped beating, my heart broke in two, knowing that here on Earth there will never be another like you.

I'll be your legacy..

I miss you Mom and brother Even more THEY miss you Grandmother and Uncle and you r both in my heart and thoughts and prayers every day and I see you in the eyes