Old school Rhodesian Selous Scout

Old school Rhodesian Selous Scout.

Burgundian Charge

Arlequín's World: Franco-Burgundian War

The Anglo-Boer War: 1899-1902 Boer- in Dutch- means farmer. This is the war in which the Afrikaners in Transvaal region (South Africa) were against the British from conquering the land for diamond and gold in 1899-1902.

1904 worlds fair boer war program

Rhodesian Bush War

Rhodesian Troops on Patrol in the Rhodesian Bush War. These guys were true trackers

SADF infantry

This is what a troopie in full kit looked like in the up to the mid

RLI Rodhesian Bush War, pin by Paolo Marzioli

That uniform is deadly.

South African Infantry

South African Infantry - see that F*%# bush and see that one behind him and then the other one behind it -off you go and the maybe some lunch

Dog handler South African Border war

Dog handler South African Border war

South Africa Angola bush war

South Africa Angola bush war - Hendri grew up close enough to hear the mortars fall.

SA border war 1980s

SA border war 1980s

south african border war wallpaper - Google Search

A Greater Share of Honour and the South African Recces

titovka-and-bergmutzen: “SADF troops prepping for their evening patrol.

sadf paratroopers - Google Search

An explosive book now published for the first time ever exposes the reality behind the West’s alliance with the Soviet Union to overthrow the Rhodesian and South African government.

Africa's Commandos - new book on the RLI - Page 6 - Small Wars Council

This set is for Photos of the old Rhodesian Army, although this country disappeared in 1980 and its superb Army disbanded, during its time the Rhodesian.

South African war machine by H.-R Heitman, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0891412409/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_64TOqb030W00A

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Rhodesian soldiers of the 1st Batallion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry in dress uniform with their mascot, a Cheetah.

Rhodesian Light Infantrymen with their mascot cheetah, dubbed 'Trooper Saint'