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some white tile sitting on top of a table
How to make stamped embellishments
a notebook covered in sea creatures and shells
Tide Pool Journal Cover
a metal button with an intricate design on it
instructions on how to use silicone molds
DIY How To Make Your Own Silicone Molds
DIY Silicone Molds
blue and white ceramic birds are on a tablecloth with other decorative items in the background
a wooden plaque with words on it and colorful tiles in the background, including an image of
Harrison Hollow Designs
a person is using a pair of scissors to cut tile
How to Make Ceramic Tiles: A Polymer Clay Tile Making Tutorial
Tile making is easy and fun when you learn to how to make tiles using polymer clay. With the right tools, tutorials & instruction you can do it in no time!
a purple and blue painting with words on it that say grow, surrounded by flowers
Mixed Media Mosaics
Random Acts of Piece: Mixed Media Mosaics
there is a box that has words and flowers on the front, with letters in different colors
a person is holding some blue and gold buttons
DIY Button Stamp Tool Tutorial - Dabbles & Babbles
I would glue the buttons to wine corks More
a square wooden wall hanging with many different designs on it's sides and center
The One Word That Can Describe Polymer Clay - Cloth Paper Scissors
Creative ways to use polymer clay! Bollywood Clay Quilt, by Cloth Paper Scissors community member Mikaarts. #polymerclay #mixedmedialove
twelve blue and white square tiles with swirls on them, all in different sizes
Tiles Samples of various texture designs by Helen Breil, via Flickr
a person holding up a piece of art made out of different types of materials and colors
Happy New Year - What I've Been Playing With...
the blue bottle tree is selling polymer clay sealers to avoid molds and why
PYM II Polymer Clay Spray Sealer - The Blue Bottle Tree