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i am canadian surrounded by words in the shape of a circle on a black background
a welcome sign for the canadian government to canada in front of some trees and grass
Welcome to Canada Day (and a Half) 2016
Welcome to Canada Day (and a Half) 2016 | Mental Floss
an iglot with the canadian flag on it and text, the canadian white house
the proud to be canadian patch is shown in red and black with a maple leaf on it
a red and white sticker with the words made in canada written below it is an image of a maple leaf
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i love canada with a red maple leaf and the letter i in white on a pink background
♥ Canada
Yup only in Canada eh!! Jokes, Canada Funny, Canadian Humour, Canadian Humor
Yup only in Canada eh!!
the canadian flag is waving in the wind with caption that reads you're not a true canadian until you've apolozed for saying sorry to much
the canadian dictionary is shown with an e - h symbol in it's center
Jane's Jewels
a red and white sign that says, oop exclamation what canadian say when they accidentally bump into something or someone before apoloizing
Every time!
a green sign that says bienvenue au canada
Oh yeah!
18 Jokes Only Canadians Will Appreciate Funny Jokes
And finally, what's the difference between an American and Canadian?
18 Jokes Only Canadians Will Appreciate
a red shirt that says how to speak like canadians
Yeah remember this. We don't say "eh" or "aboot" all the time. We speak common courtesy.