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a woman standing in front of a red and white background with words describing the different parts of
the words in spanish are displayed on an iphone screen, and there is no image to describe
the words are written in black and white
some type of words that are written in black and white with the word get away on them
the names of different languages in red and white, with black letters on each side
a poster with some words on it that say, frasses con'even
the words are arranged in different languages
accurate - precise adapt - adjust aid - assist angry - furious answer - reply beautiful - attractive begin - start brave - courageous bright - brilliant capture - seize careful - cautious challenge - dare clever - intelligent complete - finish connect - link defend - protect discover - uncover easy - simple encourage - inspire excite - thrill explore - discover famous - well-known flexible - adaptable generous - benevolent happy - joyful
there are many people walking down the sidewalk
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