Heidi ... in Afrikaans

I loved these manga classics.little women, heidi, anne of green gables, and pollyanna

The Villagers Theme.mov

The first English drama series on South African television, about life in a small mining town on the Rand, ran for three season from 1976 to but change.

South Africa in the 60s & 70s

A random look into a random moment of a random South African family film from the

Old South African Adverts

South African adverts from the They bring back so many memories. They were also good adverts, you even remember the strap lines today.

Afrikaanse dans Aalst - eerste les dance today

Afrikaanse dans Aalst - eerste les dance today

"Nkosi Sikelel (South African National Anthem)" By the Soweto Gospel Choir

My Tribute to Nelson Mandela (Madiba) July 1918 - December 2013 Soweto Gospel Choir - Nkosi Sikelel (South African National Anthem) Adeus Nelson Mandela

Kom Huis toe... for homesick South-Africans.wmv

The legendary five star Palace of the Lost City Hotel at the Sun City Resort in South Africa offers guests a world of luxurious facilities, excellent service and fantastic entertainment options including golf courses and casinos.

Kids used to watch...

We love pumpkins, pumpkin patches and pumpkin seasons! Experience them with us and share pumpkin goodies and patch info.

1time more headroom advert

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Funny Castrol Oil Ad

This commercial features the famous (in South Africa) "Boet en Swaar" characters brilliantly portrayed by Norman Anstey and Ian Roberts.

A South African blast from the past

A South African blast from the past - These are adverts that featured on Springbok Radio & includes the final farewell when the much-loved radio station closed in ‪ ‪

South African Braai Etiquette

South African Braai Etiquette - shared with me by a "Tong Master"