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Funny pictures about Math curiosity. Oh, and cool pics about Math curiosity. Also, Math curiosity photos. Teaching Math, Teaching Time, Teaching Methods, Things To Know, 3 Things, Mind Blown, Good To Know, Just In Case, Decir No

Mind. Blown.

8,381 points • 199 comments - Mind. Blown. - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

F this, the massacre wouldn't have even happened in the first place if the shooter didn't have access to a gun. Let's stop pretending that guns are used for "protection". They are literally designed to kill people. We Are The World, In This World, By Any Means Necessary, Gun Rights, Real Hero, Do It Yourself Home, God Bless America, Way Of Life, Good People

The MSM control the stories that they promote. If it benefits the liberal agenda they use it. They are disgusting and the blame for the state of our country lies at their feet. M.W. 7/6/16

answer this question! If you don't want an American flag flying at your school, why do you live in OUR country? American Pride, American Flag, American History, Our Country, Flag Country, Down South, It Goes On, God Bless America, Before Us

Such a great point. scariest part of all is that you can swicth countries and flags to Australia and it is still true

Quote of the Day From Ben Stein: "Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires ever citizen to prove they are insured. The Words, Thats The Way, That Way, Ben Stein, Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, Sensible Quotes, Awesome Quotes

Ben Stein....gotta luv this guy!!! ....The Quandary of Liberal Logic!!!!.....

DID YOU KNOW In the McCoZL‘Lum memo was declassified. On October Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCoL'Lum submitted an eight-step plan to provoke Japan into attacking the US. President Roosevelt, throughout implemented all 8 recommendation. Illuminati, Did You Know, Good To Know, Rose Croix, President Roosevelt, Lt Commander, Out Of Touch, Question Everything, Pearl Harbor

The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl Harbor

There is nothing new in a GOVT LYING to their people to START A WAR. Indeed because most people prefer living in peace to bloody and horrific death in war, any govt that desires to initiate a war usually lies to their people to create the illusion that support for the war is the only possible choice they can make. http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/lieofthecentury.php#ixzz3xcFO8No6

Today's news: a football coach was suspended for praying privately on the field after games. A group of Muslim worshippers blocked a street in LA and it was no problem. Have you had enough of political correctness in this country?

Today's Toons 7/14/17

Today's Toons 4/5/16 - posted in Todays Toons: Click below for Tonys toons: This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C & W:In Case You Missed It Dept.:I Think My Dogs A Democrat (video) (Thank you, Mistysea)

Don't allow the government to bully you. The Medical Industry makes billions off of the treatment of Cancer and don't want it too be cured Vitamine B17, Endocannabinoid System, Cancer Cure, Cancer Cells, Cancer Foods, Out Of Touch, Cannabis Oil, Conspiracy Theories, Sick


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Barack Hussien Obama Administration gives USA Soldier Muslim that murders fellow soldiers full pay, housing, food etc., but a USA soldier guy expressing his freedom of speech Obama kicks out of the Marines and no pay. OBAMA is not a fair person.

Sherry Samples on Twitter


'the Rothschild Conspiracy'again.Continuing obsession of Jew haters and conspiracy nurpts,redolent of Nazi propaganda about the 'World Jewish Conspiracy'.Nice inclusion of the NS swastika in this one.The old conspiracy lies updated.


I can’t describe how important this figure is in the scheme of things. Another fun fact: The Rothschilds own a private island in the North Pole and are storing natural seeds there, while we get the genetically engineered assortment. Genetically engineered seeds do not reproduce more seeds, meaning sustaining life off the grid will be near impossible! O, Brave new world, with such people in it….

They admit the truth at times but NASA fanboys don't listen to that. Terre Plate, Flat Earth Proof, Nasa Lies, Flat Earth Society, Nasa Astronauts, Conspiracy Theories, History Facts, Critical Thinking, Fun Facts

Bob Sulaiman Bawazeer on Instagram: “Thank you very much for being honest..👍🏼 #flatearth #flatearthsociety #earth #flat #truth”

18 Likes, 21 Comments - Bob Sulaiman Bawazeer (@donbobsn) on Instagram: “Thank you very much for being honest..👍🏼 #flatearth #flatearthsociety #earth #flat #truth”

Sheriff David Clarke calls out Super Bowl half time show's racist theme

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel fire, February during and after the fire. reportedly requiring between 13 and 30 minutes before the entlre building was enguued in flame (first photo). In contrast. w-rc 7 had small fires 911 Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theories, Satire, Weird Facts, Fun Facts, Der Plan, Question Everything, Flat Earth, World Trade Center

Universe we live in

This video is about the universe we live in. If the video is too fast please push pause. Schizophrenia to its simplest problems. The people that know about t...