German South-West Africa, 1915. The South-West Africa Campaign was the conquest and occupation of German South West Africa (Namibia), by forces from the Union of South Africa acting on behalf of the British Imperial Government at the beginning of the First World War.

A map of the South-West Africa Campaign, showing South African troop movements in red. The main South African force advanced on Windhoek from Walvis Bay, an exclave of South Africa about halfway up the South-West African coast.

Map of the Great Trek (South Africa) during the 1830s and 1840s by Boers (Dutch/Afrikaans for "farmers").

Map of the Great Trek (South Africa) during the and by Boers (Dutch/Afrikaans for "farmers").

Return of De La Rey, Boer War

SA artist, John Meyer’s landmark collection, Lost in the Dust, on show in London

Map of the Battle of Talana Hill or Dundee on October 1899 during the Boer War by John Fawkes

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